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Technical service

First,in design and testing, the company adopted the internationally renowned design software Pro / E, AutoCAD,UG and so on, greatly improving the rationality of product design,CNC programming using Mastercam, UG, make CNC processing cycle and quality control, improve the machine utilization rate, the use of testing instruments from Japan, Switzerland, precision intelligent detection tools have been very good quality control.

Second,in 2003 purchased the ALPHA LESER Germany AL100 Laser welding machine, that is a leader action in mold industry.Precision machining welding part to achieve very good results, with advanced technology and excellent processing performance, as well as for their customers to solve a lot of production problems.

Third,in 2007, the company in order to increase productivity and at the same time to ensure machining accuracy and reduce processing errors caused by the introduction of EROWA fixtures, used in CNC, EDM, testing and other departments,greatly reducing the production cycle of mold, while reducing the operation errors in the losses caused by reduced production costs. 

Fourth,to guarantee mold precision,invested AEH high precision 3D coordinator with German brand in 2010 to check all parts.

Fifth,in 2012,Resetted&decorated office and workshop to meet new business demand.

Sixth,after years of production and technology experience,in the Automotive electronical plastic,interior&exterior trimming parts , industrial machinery and equipment, digital products, communication products, gear, electric appliances and other products is rich in regional manufacturing process, ensure that a qualified customer to the product. 

Seventh,in 2017, the company began to help customers design products, make prototype test functions, further modify and optimize products and make molds, injection molding and assembly. Help guests start from scratch until the product goes on the market.

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